Cockroaches: Unwanted Visitors in Your Kitchen (Part 2)

How to eliminate cockroaches

Sometimes, no matter how much cleaning we keep, insects can get home. It happens when, for example, we live in a building where some common area or some other home has poor hygiene conditions.

If the plague is created near our home, it is not surprising that they make a night visit home. We are going to teach you how to eliminate cockroaches permanently :

  • Of course, the first thing is to maintain the best possible cleaning conditions in your home or business premises. If we emphasize this, it is because it is very important to keep them away and not give them reasons to make a second visit.
  • Cover and seal all possible holes and cracks in your home, especially furniture and doors and windows.
  • Use a cockroach insecticide. You can find them in any supermarket. Its handling is quite simple, and in fact, they are quite effective in direct application to insects, especially also for larvae and eggs, so it is ideal if you have a pest of small cockroaches. Of course, be careful with its toxicity and try to apply it when pets and children are not going to be in the area of ​​the home where you use it.
  • You can opt for bait traps since most of them contain cockroach poison. This remedy is ideal when you have located the area where they are concentrated.
  • The most effective roach elimination products are boric acid and bicarbonate. You can make a trap where you mix these products with others that they like, such as coffee or sugar, since they are one of the best methods to kill cockroaches.
  • There are endless gels and sprays, such as gel baits, but remember that they contain high toxicity for pets and humans. If you use them carefully, they are a good way to kill cockroaches.
  • If you do not want to kill them and what you are interested in is knowing how to fight cockroaches, you can opt for electric repellents, although they are not always as effective methods. You can find them in supermarkets, drug stores, and cleaning stores as well as in hardware stores, and they are electric applicators that scare away cockroaches.

Home remedies to eliminate cockroaches

Like all pests, cockroaches also have food and homemade products that they can’t stand, either because of their smell, their texture, or the toxicity they contain.

Normally, these home remedies are equally effective, although they require a little more time. If you prefer the most natural and least toxic version, sign them up:

  • Cockroaches have a sense of smell quite developed, and this is worth both to attract and repel them. For example, cucumber is a portion of food they can’t stand, so putting a few slices around the areas where you’ve seen them is an effective method. The same goes for essential oils. You can spread them on cotton and place them like cucumber slices. You will find them easily in any herbalist. Remember to change the cotton every two days to avoid losing its effectiveness. 
  • And the smells they love? Two of them are coffee and sugar, so you can use them to make a trap. Use a bowl of water and dissolve coffee or sugar in it. They will arrive looking for their sweet, and when they fall into the water, they will die drowned.
  • You can also make a homemade insecticide with soap and water to use in a sprayer, as well as an infusion of wormwood or holy grass. It may seem very simple, and although it is, it is also very effective and without waiting a long time: they will fall fulminated instantly.
  • On the other hand, there are some herbs that cause discomfort: laurel, lavender, or crotalaria are some of them. Plant them in your garden or place the pots on your terrace, and if you don’t have space, place some leaves or stems of these plants in the common areas where they usually are. You already have a homemade repellent.
  • The most effective home poison for the elimination of cockroach pests is bicarbonate. If you mix it with sugar, you will attract them, and they will leave with poison in the stomach.
  • The ammonia is also a good poison, so it is ideal for use when we scoured the house. By the way, once you have finished cleaning, pour the leftover water in the pipes so that these insects can not travel there. It is probably not a very natural product, but it is something we usually find at home with ease.
  • Traps with glue. They can be a bit cruel but effective. Use a scrap of wood or cardboard to spread the glue, and attract them with sugar or coffee. They will stay stuck in the cardboard or wood, and you can kill them when you find them.
  • Finally, the easiest but not least effective: the vacuum cleaner. Simple, but it reaches all areas where we do not arrive. Many times cockroaches are kept hidden in small holes under furniture or cracks, so if you vacuum thoroughly through the house, surely some end up in the bag of the vacuum cleaner. Of course, remember to seal well and throw it away when you’re done, you do not want them back where they ‘re gone.

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